December 4, 2007

Extra long... has been a very long weekend. We switched internet providers and had some major issues with our pc, internet until today. I finally feel like I am back in touch with the world!

Our big excitement for the week was all the snow that we got. In total, I think about 4 inches fell. It was here for a couple of days and then rain showers washed it all away overnight! It's 65 and windy now.....
The kids had so much fun playing in the white stuff. Alison loved to eat it...ewe. Jeremiah was a pro at building snow castles and snow men. Mommy took them for a few red-wagon rides thru the snow, until my arm was ready to fall off(we didn't have a sled)!

Alison has been spending lots of time helping me in the kitchen. She loves to get out all my measuring cups and utensils and "bake" with me. The other day I was making noodles and she decided to 'help' with the flour....

Jeremiah has been doing great in school. He loves it! He has been learning to write his name and other letters. He informed me the other day that his birthday was in if I didn't know. :)

Hosanna is so busy growing. I can't believe the pounds that girl has been packing on! She is also talking up a storm with her cooing and smiling lots too!

John and I have been keeping busy with the usual...he has work, which he still loves and I have the kids...YAY! We have lots of fun things coming up these next couple of weeks so stay tuned....same time, same bat channel....hahaha....!

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