December 17, 2007


...and now we are home! The kids and I picked John up at the Seattle airport on Friday afternoon and then spent the weekend with his family. The kids loved the airport, by the way. I think Alison smashed her face against the window in the breezeway as hard as she could so she could look at all the cars going underneath it! John had a good trip, but he was ready and happy to be home with our family.
We had a really nice time visiting and having our "Thorndike Christmas". The kids had a blast playing with all their cousins.
Before we left the Seattle area, we were able to have lunch with "Uncle" Adam, John's good friend and his fiance Rippel. It was nice to finally get to see them since we've missed catching up over the last few visits.
Finally before getting on the road, we made one last stop to see the love of Jeremiah's life...Bella. Bella is Dan and Elizabeth's dog and is absolutely in love with "his" Bella. We also did a little shopping...and more shopping!
We are very happy to finally be in our own beds and yelling and screaming and playing in our own comforting.
Now, the next adventure is Christmas. Oh, the fun we'll have!

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