December 12, 2007

Princess dresses, cake and melt-downs...

Hosanna has been officially dedicated! And, Alison is now 100% Two! We enjoyed having our family and friends join us on Sunday for Hosanna's dedication, followed by Alison's 2nd Birthday party.

The dedication was very nice. Pastor Carney did a great job. We really appreciate he and Maria as our pastors. He had a very good and relevant message. It's always nice to have our family join us in worship with our church-family.

Alison wore her 'princess dress' that was given to us by a good friend. She loved to twirl around in it and of course, it was pink! She enjoyed her pizza and cake and then....crash! All the sudden we were overspent and READY for a nap! She is enjoying all her gifts and is playing and sharing them with Jeremiah.

I've been enjoying the snow. But, now it's just cold an dirty looking so, it can go away for a while! I took Alison over to Walla Walla on Monday for her check-up and we had to drive 40 mph because of the ice! I should have stayed home! Everything went well though, she is a whopping 29lbs! The doctor is very pleased with her growth and development.

Jeremiah has his preschool Christmas program tomorrow night...I can't believe it!

We will be heading to Seattle this weekend for our Thorndike Christmas..actually John will be meeting the kids and I there because he is at some training in Tucson right now....long story. I am excited for the kids to get to play with their cousins and to just see all the family. Pray for our safe travels!

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Stan, Angie, Teagan, Blake and Penelope said...

So sorry we missed the party!! Let's make up for it with a get together after the holiday!! Great pics! Did you take them?