December 28, 2007


...we are finally on the downhill side of the holidays! Not that I don't enjoy them. We had a very blessed holiday season- God has been very good to us!

We started off in Seattle the weekend before Christmas. We had our "Thorndike Christmas" with all of John's family. Our kids loved the time with their 6 cousins. They played and played and played some more! We stayed at Rod and Elizabeth's (John's sister) and their 4 kids -Thanks Rod & Liz! After our Thorndike Christmas it was back to work for John and Christmas party and events for the week.

Sunday before Christmas we had our traditional Christmas Eve get together at my Grandma's. The kids had fun opening presents and being crazy!

We went to our candlelight service on Christmas Eve and then, since Papa was working, Nana slept over at our house. My mom and dad spent Christmas morning with us- we had so much fun watching the kids open their gifts.

Here's a funny little story about Jeremiah....on Christmas Eve, I asked him if he wanted to leave Santa a snack for when he comes with all the gifts in the night. Jeremiah said that he needed a healthy snack, so we peeled an orange for him and also gave him a glass of milk-ok, and a truffle for his sweet tooth! Then, because the reindeer might be hungry, we set out some muddy-buddies. Earlier that evening he told me that we needed to go to the "shopping store" to buy a chimney and a fireplace so that Santa could get in, I told him he could find a special way to get in and not to be worried! Anyway, we put out his snacks - after I convinced him that they didn't need to go outside....and he was so surprised the next morning when they were nearly gone!

Santa brought Jeremiah his first bike and Alison her first play-kitchen!

If you didn't notice, I didn't send out a Christmas novel this year. I have really taken to heart the importance of simplicity in my life at this time. God has done some amazing things for us over the year, a new job and training for John, new baby, new car and lots of loving relationships. I know that those of you who have kept up on reading our blog know what has been going on with us and have been keeping us in your prayers. Those of you who haven't can always catch-up! If you receive a Christmas card from us this year, you are one of the few-so feel privileged!
Thank you to all of you who sent us cards, gifts, and emails. We are so blessed by all of your friendships and love. We pray that God will continue to bless all of you over this new year and for many, many to come.
Until next and God's grace to you all!


becky D said...

Hey very cute blog!!

Renee' said...

Wow, the kiddos are getting so big. How did that happen. I think I remember you and Aaron at that age. That only makes you older and me the same ;-)
Love ya. Aunt Nae