November 19, 2007

"You ruined my life..."

Today, I nicely asked Jeremiah to head up to his room for naptime. He didn’t like that idea so much and decided to throw a toy car at me….which was already kinda broke. Throwing it made it fall apart and I promptly had him pick up the pieces and marched him to the trash can to throw it away…meanwhile he was crying and throwing a fit(shocking, I know). When I finally got him upstairs, we prayed for naptime and with a frown and tears in his eyes, he said “But Mom, you just ruined my life!” I tried not to laugh and as I was leaving told him not to worry, I didn’t ruin his life…..yet.

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Stan, Angie, Teagan, Blake and Penelope said...

That is SO funny!! The other night Teagan says "Mom, it is so hard being four!" Drama, drama, drama!