April 15, 2009

The Circus Hits Seattle

This past weekend the Circus hit the Seattle area pretty hard! We made our first stop up to Grandpa & Grandma Thorndike's farm for two days. We were able to spend some extra time with Josh & Meghan, Kaitlyn and Zachary before they take their troop over to Spain this next week for their two year adventure at Mount Olivos.(www.thorndikespain.com)
Sunday was filled with lots of people! There were about 35 of us celebrating Grandpa Galbraith's 91st birthday as well as seeing Josh & Meg off. I think there were about 15 kids included in the 35, so it was a noisy house! Thank goodness for a covered deck where the kids kept busy riding bikes and playing despite the continuous downpour of rain.
On Monday morning we got up and spent a little bit of time at Uncle Bruce & Aunt Jean's, just down the road before heading into the big city. We took the kids to a fun dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe in Southcenter. They had so much fun....although, the Gorillas would come alive every ten minutes or so and Alison would bury her head in my chest and say "I don't like those monkeys mom!" She also told the waiter, " I don't like your monkeys mister!" (http://www.rainforestcafe.com/)
That evening we invited Liz, John's sister and her four kids over to our hotel for a swim. The all had a ton of fun. My kids loved the hot tub or bath, as they called once.
Tuesday we got up and had breakfast before heading out for the day. We made a quick stop by Uncle Dan, John's brothers, work in Renton where we were staying. Then we headed up I-5 to Seattle. Jeremiah especially likes it when we head into the city because we drive right by the Boeing Airfield. It looks like a giant parking lot for commercial planes...he gets so excited, he doesn't make much sense when he speaks! We drove straight downtown Seattle to Union and 2nd where our good friend Heidi works. She met with us and we walked just one block to Pike's Place Market(http://www.pikeplacemarket.org/). The kids took in all the sights,smells and action of the market. Everything form the many varieties of seafood, fruits and vegetables to all the beautiful tulips (my fav). Right across the street is Beechers a cheese making facility that also has a little walk up deli-like bar(http://www.beechershandmadecheese.com/). They have amazing "world famous" mac & cheese...the kids loved this special treat. They ate their mac while watching the cheese making thru a huge observation window. After our yummy lunch, we found this gluten free, sugar-free bakery across the street. The kids chose to share a huge peanut brittle monster cookie-another special treat of the day. Finally, we said goodbye to Heidi, loaded up in the car and took a little tour around the city. It has been a long, long time since John and I have driven around downtown and it made us both really miss it. The last time we had a day like this, Jeremiah was Judah's age. There is something special about the city, the smells, the people, the water and of course...the sports! We had to go by Quest and Safeco fields of course! It just so happened that it was the opener for the Mariners-yay! The streets were filled with people...only making it an even more exciting experience for the kids.
Once we finally headed out of the city it was quiet for a small amount of time in the Circus-mobile. Our next stop was Snoqualmie falls at Salish Lodge. Snoqualmie Falls is a 270 foot fall...and it's breathtaking! The observation deck hangs out over the falls and you can see the mist before you even crest the hill to the deck.(http://www.snoqualmiefalls.com/) The kids ran around and got wet and just had FUN! We rounded the trip out with a little shopping in North Bend. the kids got some new shades, clothed and of course, they had to warm up with hot cocoa! John and I are so blessed to have such a wonderful not-so-little family. We checked-in with each other throughout our trip to be sure we weren't getting too stressed or annoyed and to make sure we were allowing our kids to have fun within boundaries of respect and love. We took any chance we could to show the kids God's love and talk about his grace and handiwork.
Here are a few (I mean, a few) of the pics from our travels...

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