April 22, 2009

Judah will be 12 weeks tomorrow! Time has flown by and he is such a wonderful and joyful addition to this circus we call a family. He hasn't actually started laughing yet, but he keeps trying and oh, his smiles! They melt my heart!

On a different note, Jeremiah came to me yesterday singing a song. When he was done he asked if I liked it and of course I said yes. When I asked him what it was called, he said it was called "A Good Day" and that God just told it too him(hehe). He said that maybe when Uncle Aaron gets off his stage singing his songs, maybe he come over and sing with him (Aaron is in CA on tour right now)...I asked Jeremiah if he wanted to send Uncle a video email (Aaron had done this for us earlier in the week) and he said "Sure, that would be a great idea!" After about 10 video clips we finally got the one he liked...and of course, his sister had to say hello to Uncle Aaron as well... Enjoy - John and I did!

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