January 2, 2012

No doubting here...

These last few days have been interesting. I haven't really missed the "bad" foods, I feel great, I am still losing....I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Why can't I just be satisfied and call it a success? Because I am woman. I have this ridiculous habit of second-guessing my success at most things. I find myself wondering if I really can achieve my scholastic goals, home goals, relational goals and yes, most definitely my health goals.

The truth is....I am successful. I am awesome wife and best friend to my husband. I am an amazing mother to my four children. I am a caring and thoughtful friend to those who are close to me. I am a hard-working, Dean's List earning college student. I am a freshman to the world of Paleo, but I have been successful this far. I have not gained one pound, I have not felt worse than before Paleo, I have slept better than before I had kids(a miracle in it's self).
I am a beautiful, wonderful, joyful gift and child of God. Only He knows the purpose He has for me, therefore I will continue to seek Him in everything and trust that He has led us down this path for His purpose only.

Isn't it great to know that someone greater and bigger than you are is there to guide you through every step?!

Ok...now to the food, because we all know it's about food!

In one of my previous posts I talked about our awesome deal on turkeys. Well, we called around to a couple of our friends who had smokers and found out that in their specific smokers, the temperature wouldn't be high enough to kill the bacteria. So on to Plan B, smoke them in our oven. I had some leftover Hickory chips from a smoking project this summer. I soaked the chips in water overnight and then removed the liquid the next morning. I set the oven (ours is gas) to 250 degrees and put the turkey in a roasting pan with a little of the brine liquid and placed it on the rack above the chips in the oven. Every couple hours John or I would baste the turkey with it's juices. After about 5 hours, I checked the temp of the turkey and decided to increase the oven temp to 275 degrees. An hour later, the turkey temp was still not where it needed to be so I bumped the oven up to 300 degrees for one last hour. Finally! The internal temp of the turkey reached 165 degrees.
This is the turkey about half way through the process.

This is the finished product! Yummy!!

Our lunch yesterday was soooo yummy! We got some all natural Hot Chicken Sausage at the store and made a burger out of it. I took two avocados and a tablespoon of Paleo mayo with some lime and made the guacamole/mayo on top. We had to have some veggies too and since I need to go to the store all I had was some lettuce and mushrooms I sauteed in the drippings from the burger.

And finally....Sunday morning breakfast was so good-At least that's what the kids said! I decided to fore go the sweet pancakes. I made Applesauce Pancakes and eggs.

AppleSauce Pancakes
1/2 C applesauce, unsweetened
2-3 eggs
1/4 C almond meal(adjust for consistency)
Cinnamon to taste

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