January 16, 2012

Wowza Week

This last week was my first week back to school since the holidays. Oh my was it a doozy! I have 20 credits this term and only one of those classes am I really truly concerned about passing...anybody that loves math is welcome to help me with my Math 111 class!! My other classes, for those truly interested, are First Session of Anatomy & Physiology, Writing 121, EMS Rescue & Transportation and the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician(This one is 6 months long!). John has been amazing, as usual, with the running of our home and managing the children while I have been pulling my hair out trying to get used to the new schedule. I was completely unorganized this time around and I didn't even get my books ordered until Wednesday...terrible, I know! The biggest problem I had this term was actually finances. Although I receive a Pell Grant that covers all my tuition and books, plus some, this term posed a challenge. I wanted to take the AEMT course, but it is not a degree-seeking course which means...I have to pay for it. After I applied my leftover financial aid, which was required by the college, I had no money left for books and a small remaining balance for tuition. I was feeling very stressed about the situation, but knew God wanted me to take this course as it had been on my heart. Early in the fall, I learned I was going to qualify for a scholarship from a neighboring community hospital, the amount was only for half the total scholarship, $205. This scholarship had not been applied to my account yet and although it wouldn't cover all my books...every little bit helps. I called the person in charge of the scholarships at the college and left her a voice message....then I went to the car and cried. This was the first time in the last year and half that I was really unsure of how we were going to get me through school. I knew God had it in control though, so I wiped away the tears and went about my morning. An hour or so later I had missed a call and had a voice message...it was from the scholarship people. The woman left me a message saying that she would be applying my scholarship that day and get this...she had looked at my schedule and felt that I needed the entire scholarship of $510 since I had such a full schedule and was so hard working!!! I couldn't believe it, so.....I cried some more. God is so amazing. I was able to pay for all my tuition and my books without spending a dime out-of-pocket!!

Here is the next great thing about this story...I found out after I had been awarded the scholarship that it was a memorial scholarship for a dear family friend who had passed away the year before. My husband had known the woman and her family for many years when my father-in-law was in ministry years ago. John and I had later re-connected with the family when we first were married and attended the same church. The woman had been hit by a delivery truck in a horrific accident and survived for some time before passing away. She was a woman who was driven by her faith and family, served her community and was a friend to all. I was overwhelmingly honored when I learned I had received this scholarship. God is SO good.

Obviously, I had a somewhat stressful week...so eating was an interesting experience. I had decided at the beginning of the year to do a sugar detox. After about a week, I decided that since I had just started the Paleo thing in early December and detoxed already, the more intense detox was just making more freaked out, especially with all the stresses of school and finances. I bailed on the detox Day 8. I have to say that this hard-working girl HATES not finishing things I start. It makes me bonkers. I am an all or nothing type. So, I have just worked extra hard to stick to the Paleo...which I have to say, has been fairly easy...especially since I got rid of all the non-Paleo items in our home :)

The food: Most days we start with eggs, veggies and fruit. I have nuts/seeds for a snack or some dried fruit. Lunches are usually leftovers from the night before-if there are any left! Dinners we have tried lately- Shepard's Pie, Spaghetti, Salmon, Steak, Chicken Thighs and a veggie fry, Spinach salad, Hot wings and potato fries, Turkey &Mashed sweet potatoes.

I haven't officially started working out yet. I felt like I wanted to do one thing at a time-first get a handle on how I eat, then incorporate some exercise. I have been craving the need to run. I want to run, I think about it, I dream about it. The problem, the last few times I have set out to do it...the weather or schedule hasn't cooperated!! I have to make it happen soon...but the snow just started falling today. I guess there will always be something to get us distracted or off-course, right? So my goal for the rest of January is to at least go a running a few times! I really want to get myself fit again so I can try to get back into the fire fighting (didn't know I used to be a fire fighter, did you?? lol).

Good luck with all your goals this week! I am down close to 20 pounds and at least 2 sizes and this is week 6 of Paleo!!!

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Anonymous said...

Krystal -
Maybe God just doesn't think it's time for you to start running yet. You have a very full plate right now. He'll let you know when he thinks you're ready. You're amazing. Keep up the hard work and never lose sight of your goals. Love you tons.