January 12, 2009

Amnio day

Today I had my amniocentesis. Basically it consisted of getting monitored for about an hour or so and then Dr. Jake came in and took a look at things. He used the ultra sound machine to find an appropriate pocket of amniotic fluid. BTW- Judah is looking great! It was a nice treat to see the little guy on the monitor.
Once the pocket was found they used sterile procedures to insert a large needle into my belly and remove a decent amount of amniotic fluid. It wasn't as painful as it was uncomfortable. And that needle was quiet large! Probably a good 6 inches long.

Afterwards they monitored me some more to make sure they hadn't disrupted things too much and then they let me go home.

Now we just wait while my fluid takes a trip to Spokane for testing. Once Dr. Jake gets the results back then we will know if we can proceed with an induction on Thursday or not.


Suzie said...

Glad you're doing okay. Prayers that things will go well and that "Baby J" will do alright after he comes out.

Greg and Alicia said...

I think I missed something... Why are you going to be induced?

RobbinGaye said...

You my little pumpkin ..... are so amazingly beautiful. And I am confident with the promise of the Father - that everything will go just as planned! XO Ma