January 14, 2009

Update on baby...

Hello all,
I just thought I would post a little update on the situation with baby Judah. He has not been born yet and were are canceling our induction for tomorrow. The doc called this morning and the numbers were not good from my amnio. Baby Judah's lungs are just not healthy enough for the outside world.
I am not at all frustrated or disappointed. I am just mostly concerned that he be healthy and we not have a repeat of what we went through with our now 3 year old, Alison. For those of you who don't know, Alison came on her own at 36 weeks and was blue when she was born. I was able to see her for a brief moment before they rushed her off and then transported her to another hospital where she spent nine days in the NICU.She is a healthy, vibrant little girl now, but the memory of all the struggles and possibility of losing her are all flooding back.
Alison 12/2005

Alison 12/2008
I know that God is in control of this life I live and only he know what's going on. I am confident that he will continue to provide strength and wisdom for John and I as we go through this journey with Judah. I will be strong and patient, I know I can handle being pregnant as long as I need so little Judah can come into this world safely.
Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We love and appreciate you all. As we get updates form our doctor, we will try to keep you updated as well.
Thanks and God bless,
Krystal and John

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Suzie said...

I'm glad the doctor called and canceled. If Baby J isn't ready, don't rush things. I know you're miserable! I would take that burden from you if I could, but I am praying for you and Judah (and John lol)that the braxton hicks will lessen for you before he's born. As I've said before, keep your legs crossed until the time is right ;). Hugs and prayers to you and John with the anticipation of Judah.