January 21, 2009

What's going on?!

So I have received many inquires as to what is going on with me and baby. NOTHING! I wish I could say he was born and we are home and happy....it's all true except the part about him being born. We made a few more visits to the hospital since my last post. The problem still remains, my body wants to go into labor and it does...it just decides to only go so far and then stops. Last night I actually continued to have consistant contractions every 1.5 minutes, but I wouldn't dialate. So I am home, still contracting and waiting for things to open up....hahaha...Keep checking on me, you never know...someday he has to come out!


CWIKS said...

I'm glad to hear that everything is o.k., I know that waiting game. Not fun. I've been thinking of you all and wondering how you are. Now I know. I will e-mail you with more info on Patrick. Blessings to you all and we'll be praying for safe arrival. By the way love the name, if we had another boy that was one of our possible names. Strong name.

Suzie said...

Krystal, just think how healthy Judah will be when he arrives. I know you are in alot of pain, and it is a pain playing the waiting game. Prayers still flying your way for the whole family! I know a few tricks to help, just email me...suzreitz@yahoo.com and I'll share them with you - I promise, no voodoo meds!! Hugs, Suzie Reitz