May 25, 2009

A funny from Alison:

We don't allow our children to use certain words in their everyday vocabulary...stupid...dumb...hate...these are just a few. The other night Alison woke up with a tummy ache and John was gone working his one night for the week. I think that something we ate that day just didn't settle well for her because although she had a slight fever, she only threw-up a couple times. After a little trip to the bathroom, she was lying on the couch, holding her tummy and says, "Ah, my tummy hates me." I tried not to giggle at her statement, but I recalled that line from movie the kids watch frequently, "Ice Age 2" so I asked her where she heard that before and if she got it from a movie. "No," she says. "It just does." "It just does what?" I asked. "Hates me, that's all." she replied.
I told her I loved her, prayed for and put her to bed with me...she was fine. She kept me up for at least two more hours wiggling and squirming in my bed.
I think that it is so funny how our kids use their words and how they pick lines up from here and there. For the most part, they pick up the funny-okay parts, versus the bad negative things...and when they do, it turns out to be an opportunity to teach them something. They are so cute.

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