May 25, 2009

A funny from Jeremiah:

So today I was busy changing laundry loads and Jeremiah was being weird. He was sucking in large amounts of air and swallowing it. "What are you doing?" I asked him, (he giggles but keeps doing it)
"I'm sucking in air." he replies. "You know mom, I'm sucking in air and that way Jesus can be cool."
"What?" (I am thinking, did I really just hear that right??)
"Yea Mom, you suck in air and it gets inside your chest (he's showing me as he explains)and then Jesus can be air conditioning. It's pretty hot today, you know.", he explains. "Oh, ok.", I say as he runs off....
I have to remember he's five...and we've explained that Jesus lives in our hearts....I guess he has to stay cool, too ?

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The Gardner Family said...

How insightful is he.. wow, amazing what goes on inside their minds! What a doll he is!