May 18, 2009


Dear John...
I love you SO much. You are an amazing best friend, husband, father, encourager, lover, confidant & provider. Words cannot express how amazing you truly are. I am so blessed by you and your love for me and the kids. You are always striving to provide us with the best of whatever is offered and you are always willing to go the extra mile. You have been a excellent example of a godly man. I am so happy to have you as our leader and I know that God has given you the strength to take our little circus on the road he intended for us. The children absolutly adore you...they think their daddy is the best and only you can take care of their needs. And of course, only their daddy can be the best policeman ever!
You deserve a WONDERFUL birthday! I hope that we can make it a good day for you....I know you didn't want to actually do anything, but I had to at least share with the world what a great man you are. I love you so much, babe. Happy Birthday!

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